Whisky, Gin, Tequila
Champagne, liquore
Beer, water
Snacks for beer
Cold collations
Hot snacks, First courses
Second courses
Childrens menu
Desserts, Fruit, ice-cream
Extra menu
Organization of Childrens parties
Organization of Children's parties

I.Entertaining program (for your choice):
1."Pelican-show" - Baba-Yaga, Fox Alice, Carlson, Pinocchio, Cheburashka, Winnie-the Pooh (a fairy-tale for your choice)5000 rub.
2.Clowns with contests for children 6000rub.
3.Contests, games, organization of children 2000 rub.
II.Photo- and video- service 50 rub./photo
III.III Aqua make-up 50 rub/child
IV.A cake with a name 500 rub.
V.Children-s menu for your choice 250-300 rub./child.
VI.)Dry swimming pool 1000 rub.
)Discotheque1000 rub.
)Children's decoration, the dishes, a table-cloth, decorating of the hall 1000 rub.
)Presents for every child, including the presents for the child, whose birthday is celebrated
)Developing games, modeling, origami 2000 rub.
VII.Home parties

Note: the sum of the order for the children's party must be not less then 15000 rub.
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